Monday, June 22, 2009

Dock diving on the Waccamaw!

We had a great time for Father's Day...

Marty wanted to get a way a little bit, so we decided to take the boys and go to Conway and check to the Waccamaw River.

The boys had a great time diving from the dock and swimming in the river.

The stories tell of the Waccamaw River being the color of Molasses and I would have to say.... The stories are all true!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

B-day 2009

OKAY! now I am starting to feel older... My middle baby turning 18 today! Does that make me really old or what???? He makes me feel really old... He acts so grown-up. He is so excited to be officially independent. He has his own job... He got his first Apartment all on his own... He pays his bills all on his own... He say that him and his Girlfriend can have a LIFE now all on their own.... hehehehe.... little does HE know!