Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saturday, September 15, 2012

DAR's Constitution Week / Fall Kick-Off Celebration

       Starting to realize the desire I have stirring inside to wrap myself in the historical elements of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution). This is the third meeting now that I have attended. I am very much welcomed by all those who are there and even though age wise I am on of the youngest by far, I find it very enlightening and yet problematic all at the same time. Heritage wise, I am a DAR through more ways or family lines that I can even begin to address. And yet, all seems so foreign to me. My family comes from the upper part of the original thirteen colonies and one whole group came in on the Mayflower. So with that I feel a deep seeded sense of responsibility to continue the fight for our American and religious freedoms. But as I sat and listened to the guest speaker, I couldn't help but feel like I was out of place and steadfastly setting on the wrong side of the party line. SO... back to prayer and study I go.... :)
      Monday begins the national celebration of Constitution Week. It will be a week-long commemoration of America’s most important document. This week is one of our country’s least known official observances and "Bells Across America" has become a DAR tradition in many of our nation’s towns and cities. And in keeping with tradition, we had a hand bell group come today that played a beautiful piece entitled "American Fantasy". I know I live in the land of opportunity and I am very blessed to be part of this great nation. I am excited and very interested in being able to visit some of these old battle grounds and experience these ideals for myself. I treasure my heritage, and the opportunities to share it all with my boys. Let the American Revolution Class begin....

Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

       Marty and I just spend three amazing days together. He loves his new job and during his first week they had a Corporate Leadership Retreat / Conference which came with some spare time and an opportunity for us to hang out together. We had a lot of fun, but it is always nice to be home.... :)

      I do want to tell my hubby of twenty eight years, THANK YOU!!! thank you for being my best friend and constant companion. You have given me the world and five wonderful treasures beyond my wildest dreams. I love each and every one of them. I love you and look forward to many more to come... :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Memories of 9/11: Never to be forgotten!

       Very few people know our story and how we survived the 9/11 attack, because in comparison to those who were there and survived the actual events, our family survival blessing might seem a bit trife and out of place. But for those who know us and know the story, know of the truthfulness just how lucky our family is to be alive today. So, with that being said, I would like to share what we in our family refer to as...

 "9/11 ~ Blessings of Heartfelt Obedience"

        Marty, I and the five boys were living in Provo, we had a nice home, boys attended awesome schools, I had a great job subbing and working at the elementary school where the boys went. We attended a great ward with many prominent people both in church leadership and community affairs. Our boys had great friends, good peer pressures and summer sports programs that kept us centered and focused. Two things were troubling us on the home front... We knew that unemployment for Marty was just around the corner and Marty & I had the overwhelming desire to go on a mission. But we where a young family, with not enough resources to support us on a mission and raise our boys. As the feelings of a mission grew stronger and the final date on Marty's job was appearing on the calendar, we met with our Stake President (President Huber), he listened very intently to our story of job opportunities that would take us to the East Coast if we chose one, he listened to the desires of missionary work that we overwhelming held in our heart, he listened to the sadness of leaving our families and friends, and yet in the end his council was quick and unforgettable. He said to pray and pray often about it, we already knew the right thing to do and we were already benefiting from those blessings. Even though providing for our family right now at this time was the most important thing, missionary work could and would become part of it, we just needed to take care of our family and the Lord would take care of the rest. Marty and I left his office, not confused really, just as bewildered at why we felt stronger about a missionary assignment than taking the job in New England and the it hit us that maybe they were one in the same. 

      So over the course of the next month, Marty accepted the job offer at ReMax of New England, we started getting our affairs in order with our house and financial obligations, spent time getting the boys ready to change schools and getting ready to move, the whole time still feeling very confident that missionary work was to be the main focus of this move. We studied, we prayed, we went to church, we talked to other church members about living and serving out in the mission field. And not once did we or could we agree on a move date! We talked about waiting until school was out... school ended, we talked about middle summer... 4th of July, we were still in Provo, because of Brady's All-Star Football Teams. Marty's new start date was approaching quickly and we knew we had to make some choices, so we started talking about and planning for September. Marty needed to be in New York and Connecticut by September 10th for meetings at the main office (directly a crossed the street from the twin towers) in New York on September 11th. So, that was our plan, we were moving and moving forward! We were all going to go with him, we would all stop over and spend the night in NYC, we would have breakfast together and watch the sunrise from the top of the twin towers on the morning of September 11th, we would hang out and look around while Marty was in his meetings. BUT!!!! every time we prayed or talked about the plan, our hearts sank and become very troubled, the spirit was very insistent that we not follow the plan. The 24th of July, Our Mitchell Family reunion turned out to be more of a going away party, the family was excited for us and our new adventure and yet seemed very concerned that we were moving in September. So to make a long story short, after many more prayers, we decided that it best that we send only Marty, that way he could go there, check things out, get us a house and then we would we move. That plan felt awesome... but being the impatient person that I am and the fact that I hate being alone and without Marty, I kept going back to the September plan... pushing for it just one more time and each time the feeling grew stronger that we were not to go then. Finally School started and I gave up, knowing truly in my heart that if we went in September, then something bad was really going to happen and I just needed to trust in the Lord on this one.

       Marty flew out on the morning of the tenth and was suppose to be staying in New York City that night for meeting the next morning, but after he got there and checked in at the ReMax office he found out that the most of the agents at that office had unexpectedly decided to go to the convention in Chicago and the office was mainly empty and they had rescheduled Marty's visit to the next week, so Marty changed his mind and went on to Connecticut and spent the night there, between his long flight, change in hotel and getting lost a couple of times, it was very late when he got settled so he didn't call me and let me know of his change in plans. He just figured he would call me the next morning... 

       THE NEXT MORNING WAS THE LONGEST DAY OF MY LIFE......! Just like most everyone on the west coast, we woke up to seeing the horrific events unfold before our very eyes. I was scared, (Marty was there) frighten, (was he okay) overwhelmed, (now what do I do?) confused (WHY?) and as I sat crying in utmost bewilderment, I knew then what all those uneasy feeling were all about. I cried and cried, not only for the sake of my possible lose but how was I going to tell the boys, too wow!!! that could have been us... all the emotions that I felt, all the tears that I shed and yet deep down I knew that what ever the outcome was going to be, it was the Lords plan and I had been obedient. Brady had heard me crying and he had come in my room to see what the matter was. He recognized the towers, he had been there once before with his dad, it was his idea that we watch the sunrise. He was 13 and the reality started to sit in. My phone started ringing off the wall, our friends and family knew Marty was there, just like me they were looking for answers and justification. I had nothing to say... I got the boys up and we talked and had prayer, we all felt very strongly that dad was alive and okay and that he would call as soon as he could. We went on to school, I was teaching that day, I was met with many hugs and best wishes, because many of them also knew that Marty was there. Several was surprised to see me, the principal said that I could take the time at home if I wanted it. I assured him that I felt very strongly that Marty was okay and I needed to stay busy, before I got to my classroom of 1st graders, I was informed that three of my students had father's that were also there on business. One child knew and the other two had not been told yet, in hopes to save them from the unnecessary trauma and worry. We all waited that day, even though we went about our business, we waited, suspended in the eternity of time that seemed like forever. I was so relieved when Marty finally able to call home. We talked about everything, all the choices we had prayed over, all the feelings we had experienced and the one the that we knew still rings true today in the ABSOLUTE FACT that we are all still alive because we listened to the spirit and was blessed by our HEARTFELT OBEDIENCE!!!! 

    I leave this testimony with you all in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

P.S. side note to moving.... Marty started his new job, found us a house and came home to get us. We left Utah the first of November and had a very successful move to New England. We have never regretted it for a minute. My first calling in my new ward was to be a Sister Missionary, We worked very hard that year and had several successful baptisms, which I will share stories of throughout this week as I share more stories about remembering 9/11.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Renew Your Spirit Day:

       If you are a Flybaby, then you will know that Sundays are for renewing your spirit and today, Flylady challenged us too... "Take Time to Create an Attitude of Gratitude". Church was really good today and I have to say that it was really easy for me to take on FlayLady's challenge. I am so very grateful for my many blessings and all the opportunities that I have been blessed with. Today was no different. I came a crossed some of Greg Olsen's photo posts the other day and one was perfect for my Dad's Birthday and I have been thinking about this in my mind a lot today. And I have this song in my heart that I keep singing to myself, that I feel like goes along with this painting... In the song entitled: " Teach Me to Walk in the Light" Hymn #304, the last verse say: "Father in Heaven, we thank thee this day. For loving guidance to show us the way. Grateful, we praise thee with songs of delight! Gladly, gladly we'll walk in the light."

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!

This one is for my DAD... One of the greatest truths he ever taught me: "If you lose your horse, just start walking, cuz your Horse (or in some cases the Lord) will be at home, waitin' for you when you get there".

Happy Birthday! We miss you lots... :(

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day / Holiday

No Holiday here at our house... It is the last big tourist (drain them of their money) day of us in the industry at the beach. WE feel very blessed that we have had a fairly good year, our numbers are slightly up over last year and things went very smooth. But to all my friends who were able to spend time with enjoying a great day off with their families, We hope you all had a a very safe and happy Labor Day.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sept. 1, 2012...

Our summer here at the beach is coming to a close. Work and our daily tasks of life have kept us very busy this season. For the most part our businesses saw a slight increase over last year and the growth and improvement in our family was very rewarding.  Marty started his new job today as Complex Manager (GM) of the Broadway 17 theaters, which includes the new "BIG D", so yes he got his theater back and he is excited.