Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary / Celebrating 25 years!

And to Charleston we went!

It was uH.....okay - Nothing Special!

We left Myrtle Beach, stopped by Pawley's Island, (It was fantastic!!!!!!) we wish now we would have just spent the day there.

Anyway, left there.... went on down to Charleston. Battery Park was awesome for history stuff.
WE didn't go over to Fort Sumter or anywhere like that because we are taking the Scouts for an overnighter there in OCT. So we just stayed inland.

We went "Hyman's" Seafood Restaurant (rated #1), NOT IMPRESSED!!!!! only made TO (note: not through) the apps.... one taste and we were done.....very disappointed and expensive.... so we We then walked through a awesome open air market and had an excellent Chocolate Eclair at a little Bakery there. We looked around the area for another place to eat, but nothing good struck our fancy...

So we left early and came back to Capt. Benjamin's in N. Myrtle Beach for Calabash. We had a great time just simply because we love spending time together exploring new things,

but we have decided that we are due for another foreign affair... so a trip to the Swiss Alps will be our next adventure.