Wednesday, April 2, 2014

C25K --- Running, Writing & Sports Drinks

Today on the C25k Facebook page there was a link to, that featured a discussion about sports drinks and how you can make your own. I am not a big fan of sports drinks, but the article got us here at the pantry thinking about fun summer chillers that we could make at home that would still meet the criterial of a sports drink. Which the article stated as being: "The nutritional profile of most commercial sports drinks is approximately 50 calories, 14 grams of carbohydrate and 110 grams of sodium per 8-ounce serving." 

This one is our favorite so far... BLACKBERRY LEMONADE

Also today, we had some assignments:

Life Harmony --- We were suppose to write a letter to someone we love and let they know how we would like to celebrate our successes. Write telling about where we are at in our career, business and personal life, explain our accomplishments, and give direction to where we would like to be a year from now. 

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