Saturday, April 5, 2014

C25K --- What Matters Most?

I had to laugh... there is a great phrase in today's section of  "Life Harmony" that I really like and it goes right along with this weekend's theme of General Conference.

"A Vision without Passion will not Spark You into Action"

I totally believe you are what you make of your time. In running, you run --- you get faster and healthier. You have a vision and if you have the passion you will make your goal. Same applies with other things in life. Today, we were challenged to answer three questions about our selfs...

#1. What am I doing when I am happiest and most satisfied? 
answer: Helping others

#2. If I could do anything or be anything, what would it be?
answer: Helping others

#3. If money was no object, how would I spend my time?
answer: Helping others

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